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Crucial Update: New Logo and Color Scheme
Vanessa Langston / Feb 12, 2015

The InfoTech logo has been modernized with a new logotype and a more energetic color combination.

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Today, InfoTech unveiled its new logo and color scheme. This crucial update comes after weeks of preparation and many internal meetings between our UI/UX design and marketing teams.

First Things First

During one of our weekly design and marketing meetings we had an important thought – our technology products are cutting-edge and first to market, we have ground-breaking cloud products in the Financial market, all of our programmers utilize the latest platforms and frameworks (like: .NET 4.5.x, MongoDB, DevOps) – so why is our logo stuck in the 90’s?

The Fun Part

We all instantly grew excited to make a change. We had our mission, transform our outdated logo to one that was contemporary, yet meaningful to our brand. While the old serif logo was classic and used a safe color scheme (tone-downed navy-blue and orange-yellow), we wanted to brighten-up the new logo and use a vivid color scheme for a young and lively look. We decided to do away with the orange-yellow from the old logo to emphasize the techie+progressive feel that the cool blue tones create. Staying true to our “techie” roots we decided to incorporate programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Node. js, HTML5, etc.) into our logo symbol.

Our design team played around with different programming languages while weaving our moniker “ITS” into the design. The incorporated elements (programming languages+ITS) of the new logo symbol creates a 3-Dimensional view. The logotype was also refreshed with bold sans-serif giving our logo the contemporary aesthetic we craved.

Roll Out

Check out how our new design looks on Facebook and Twitter – and let us know what you think!


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