Media Management System (MMS) for direct response advertisers

The Media Management System (MMS) offers a unique user experience, providing a state-of-the-art, Web-based solution for direct response media agencies and advertisers. MMS easily manages a wide spectrum of media including broadcast, print, digital, long form, short form and per inquiry. From the initial planning, buying and traffic to data import, results analysis and export to QuickBooks Online, MMS manages the full workflow of a media campaign. All of these features are wrapped in a user-friendly and logical workflow methodology, which makes the process of managing your direct response campaigns as easy as a walk in the park. MMS is carefully designed to capture all stages of the media campaign, from start to finish, and provides both buyers and management with all the appropriate tools to manage and execute the campaign faster, better and cheaper, while leveraging on state-of-the-art technologies.


Step 1

Campaign Setup & Planning


Step 2

Media Buying & Per Inquiry


Step 3



Step 4

Spot & Response Data Import


Step 5

Call Sourcing


Step 6

Reporting & Analysis


Step 7



Why Use MMS for your direct response advertising needs


Increased Bottom-Line Success

It’s simple: Media Management System shows you what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to focus your advertising budget on the media, creatives and call centers that make you money. Media Management System gives you this information in a timely manner, so your media strategy can be adjusted on a day-to-day basis. The end result is more profitable direct response campaigns.


Greater Contribution from Your Top People

You’ve heard it before: a successful organization starts with great people. You need your best people to use their intelligence and creativity to advance your business goals, rather than spending it on repetitive and routine tasks. Media Management System helps you achieve this by automating such tasks as data import, response matching, creating and sending media orders, traffic and dubbing instructions, payables, receivables, reporting and more. Countless hours of manual data entry and struggling with spreadsheets are eliminated.


Web Platform Allows Use from Anywhere

Media Management System’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows you to manage your DR campaigns from anywhere. All you need is Internet access and your name and password.



While Media Management System is a powerful, turnkey solution straight “out of the box,” it is also built with flexible technology that supports customization to your needs. For example, if one of your clients requests a unique media report, InfoTech’s software development team is ready to tailor MMS to your requirements.


System Evolution

Media Management System is constantly evolving, with new features and benefits added each year. The InfoTech team is constantly in touch with its clients and others in the direct response industry, soliciting feedback and keeping abreast of developing trends. This plays a large role in shaping the growth of Media Management System.



Not only is Media Management System the best direct response management system in the market, but it is backed by a stable company. As a Microsoft Certified Partner offering systems and services to a diverse range of industries, InfoTech has weathered periodic downturns and changing market conditions over the years. Our management team of consists of 10 professionals with more than 200 years of combined experience in the IT field. Most of these managers have been with InfoTech for more than 10 years.


MMS Capabilities


Campaign Setup and Media Planning

Media Management System’s campaign setup and media planning capabilities allow you to execute some of the key functions required for every successful media campaign.


Media Buying and PI Contracts

Media Management System’s media buying and PI contract capabilities include short form and long form for TV, radio, print, online and other media.



Media Management System’s traffic capabilities include setup of toll-free numbers and URL’s, traffic and dubbing instructions, import of spot and response data, and much more.


Customizable, Dynamic Reporting

Media Management System’s customizable, dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to optimize your media buying strategy and justify media spending to advertising clients. Furthermore, if you are a media agency, you can give limited reporting access to your advertising clients, providing them with their own usernames and passwords.



Media Management System’s accounting capabilities allow you to leverage on media data already in MMS, in order to save time recording transactions, tracking credits, populating your accounting system with A/R and A/P data, and integrating with Quickbooks Online.


Advertiser Portal

If you are a media buying agency, Media Management System offers a reporting portal for your clients, which allows you to selectively give them access to reports. This allows your clients to run their own live reports, thus saving you a great deal of time in answering their inquiries and preparing reports for them.


Underlying Technologies


Media Management System’s SaaS Platform

Media Management System is a fully Web-based system, which means you can use it from any place where you have Internet access. Media Management System is hosted on InfoTech’s SAS 70 Type II data center, with fully redundant, load-balanced HP servers. You can access Media Management System from any location with your user name and password. Below are some of the many technologies incorporated in MMS:

SQL Server database
ASP pages that utilize VBScript and JavaScript
Visual Studio
.NET Framework
Microsoft Office Suite
Interaction with Web services, including RESTful architecture
Microsoft Data Transformation Services
Microsoft CDO


Related Products

Over the years, many media buying corporations and other direct response companies have approached InfoTech for customizations and specially-tailored products, which are different from Media Management System, but industry-related. Given that InfoTech is a custom-application shop, with savvy project management and programming resources possessing expert understanding of the direct response business, we are the natural source for such products. In addition to the Media Management System, InfoTech offers several other leading products to the direct response industry, which include the following, to mention just a few:


“White-Labeled” MMS

If you need the power of Media Management System, but you want a solution that is branded to fit your corporate image, then our in-house design team is ready for the task. They will work with you to understand the style, tone, terminology and other attributes of your company’s outward presence and then tailor Media Management System to match. In addition to aesthetic modifications, a white-labeled MMS solution can be enhanced with customizations specifically tailored to your needs.


Customized Web Order Forms

InfoTech’s customized Web order forms enable you to receive online orders from customers quickly and efficiently. Orders are submitted directly to your database so you can start processing them immediately. Your customers can view their order history and place recurring orders with minimal effort. With order delivery tracking, you can view the shipping status of orders placed.


Website Generator

InfoTech’s Website Generator is a powerful tool that allows marketers to quickly and easily create interactive e-commerce Websites which take customers through the full sales cycle, from initial impression to order submission and payment. A simple interface allows you to upload product images and descriptions. You can set up pricing and upsell/downsell sequences. For example, you can specify that if the customer orders the featured product, an upsell should be offered, whereas if the customer chooses not to order the featured product, the Website should offer an alternative, less expensive product. Reporting features let you know how many impressions and acquisitions were achieved, as well as conversion rates. This allows you to make instant adjustments. Order data is easily exported and sent to fulfillment centers.




JWT Action

We had specific needs, and after reviewing all the options on the market, felt InfoTech’s Media Management System offered the best foundation to start from. In addition to all the bells and whistles the system offered, they have met our out-of-the-ordinary needs. Derek and the team have been tremendous to work with from design through implementation, training and support. We are extremely excited with the finished product.


Carol Howell
EVP, Business Manager at JWT Action


We have worked with InfoTech for several years, and it is an irreplaceable software tool that has helped us manage our business growth seamlessly. Derek and his team have been innovative and continue to listen to their clients and improve the product, and the customer service has always been immediate and helpful. I can’t recommend InfoTech highly enough.


Jeff Fischer
COO at LifeBrands

InfoWorx Direct

MMS has streamlined our media buying, reconciliation and trafficking functions. Plus, Derek and the help desk are there for us when we need them. Our experience with MMS has been very positive. Thank you Matti and InfoTech!


Ron Perlstein
Founder of InfoWorx Direct

Direct Impact Group

MMS has always kept us on the cutting edge of technology and with the MMS PDA you can access critical data anywhere and at any time so you can make sound analysis on the fly. This is only one example of why the direct response industry should adopt MMS as a standard. One thing that has always impressed me, and which has helped us a great deal, is the fact that MMS is a true, Web-based system. This has helped us run our business smoothly, while our buyers work simultaneously from various states. This is not offered by the other systems in the DR space.


Andrew Gordon
President at Direct Impact Group


We brought InfoTech’s MMS on board in 2003, and from the beginning it was evident that MMS is much more than a typical software system for media buying and reporting. We realized that it is actually an instrument that not only serves our direct response business needs, but also integrates easily with other systems and incorporates other business processes, providing a smooth interaction of our various business aspects. Moreover, we love the fact that InfoTech’s MMS team has a great understanding of the direct response business, and given the structured design of the system, they were able to very quickly turn around our various customization requests.


Keith Cohn
Director at FindLaw / Former President of Cohn Moscarelli

North Country Media Group Company

Our clients will be able to log on to our North Country Web site and enter their username and password. Once they do, they’ll be prompted to create their profile so that all of their information will be instantly available, their data quickly and easily retrieved. In addition to order entry and retrieval, our clients can look at their tracking information through so they can see the point of destination. Clients want information quickly, and the system developed for us by InfoTech gives them access to tracking station information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Sandra Peters
President at North Country Media Group Company

Lincoln Media Services, Inc.

MMS has been the perfect solution for managing our business. No other direct response system in the market has such a strong combination of both per inquiry and cash buy features in such an easy-to-use interface. MMS also keeps us on top of our reporting, both to clients and media outlets.


Gary Jones
President at Lincoln Media Services, Inc.

Mundo Media Group

Like many professionals in the DR industry, I have been a long-time proponent of MMS and have used it at other agencies since 2004. When the question came up as to choosing the perfect system, the decision was easy. InfoTech not only provides MMS as a turnkey solution, but also customizes it to fit our exact requirements. They have delivered a system that is just a perfect match for our needs. PI, cash buying, short form, long form and everything that an agency needs is done through MMS. And our experience with InfoTech’s team has been nothing but positive. Their knowledge of the DR business is exceptional. Thanks to Derek Viglianti’s professionalism and dedication in building and heading InfoTech’s Marketing Systems practice, along with the entrepreneurial spirit of InfoTech, driven by their CEO, Matti Kon.


Ben Fadavi
CEO at Mundo Media Group

Competitive Edge

We have worked with InfoTech since 2008, and we have found them to be pro-active and responsive to our needs. We chose the MMS software for its flexibility and strong support team and have not been disappointed. That commitment to excellence is what we need to satisfy our clients and what we have always received from the entire InfoTech team.


Suzy Dasilva
VP of Media at Competitive Edge



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