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The primary reason to use InfoTech is proof of concept. We have been serving an extremely demanding IT market of high profile clients, including the U.S. Navy, top financial institutions, top media companies and hundreds of small to mid-size companies. InfoTech has become the “go to” address where companies find and implement technology solutions which are normally accessible only to large corporations. By subscribing to InfoTech, all of these solutions are available to large and small clients alike. The key ingredients of InfoTech’s excellence in delivering systems:

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Use of cutting-edge technology
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Knowledge and track record
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Responsiveness to client needs
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Projects completion to maintenance
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Longevity of management

Our Track Record

InfoTech has been serving over 300 clients, both nationwide and worldwide including North America, Europe and Australia. Due to the experience, knowledge base, technology diversity and market diversity that we have attained over the years, both in planning and executing information technologies, we offer our clients a unique service that cannot be offered by many other companies.

InfoTech has systematically received the highest awards and recognitions from some of the most demanding customers in the market, including the U.S. Navy, Raytheon Missile Systems, UBS, Wells Fargo, the State of North Dakota, SPAWAR, ISI (International Strategy & Investment), Raymond James and GMI Ratings, to name just a few.

InfoTech’s offices in Europe and throughout the country have allowed young professionals and recent graduates in the high tech field the opportunity to build careers in their home states & cities. InfoTech was named one of the top ten companies to work for and one of the top five companies to intern for in North Dakota.

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Client Testimonials
Joseph Demark
Joseph DemarkPresident & Business Manager at Local Union #25
After a long and arduous RFP process, it was clear that InfoTech understood the needs of Local Union #25 in developing and implementing a complex employment and hiring system. Additionally, the fact that InfoTech has a facility geographically located in North Dakota was an important factor by virtue of keeping jobs in the United States.
Michael Belluzzi
Michael BelluzziPresident & Business Manager at Local Union #28
We decided to go ahead with InfoTech because they quickly gained a good understanding of our needs and have shown a commitment to getting the work done and keeping jobs in the U.S. Their ability to provide hosting services from their North Dakota facility was attractive.
Gren Zinszer
Gren ZinszerFounder / CEO at Brazzlebox
I had a vision and an idea of the type of social media site I wanted to have developed, but what has been created and developed by InfoTech far surpasses my expectations. From business consultation, analysis, research, to actual development, they are truly a professional organization.
Edgar N. Millington
Edgar N. MillingtonChief Financial Officer at Z-Card North America
InfoTech is truly the 24 x7 service provider; even when my network went down due to the Hurricane they were only a phone call way.
Susan J. Laskey
Susan J. LaskeyChief Operating Officer at Freeman & Co.
We have worked with the professionals at InfoTech for almost 10 years. They are problem solvers as well as problem preventers – day or night. They understand what is critical to being successful. The InfoTech Team works as hard for our business as we do.
Kathleen Harrison
Kathleen HarrisonExecutive VP / Managing Partner at PMI
InfoTech is terrific they have a handle on everything (…) they are very proactive. Everyone at PMI is pleased with the services.
Ben Fadavi
Ben FadaviCEO at Mundo Media Group
Like many professionals in the DR industry, I have been a long-time proponent of MMS and have used it at other agencies since 2004. When the question came up as to choosing the perfect system, the decision was easy. InfoTech not only provides MMS as a turnkey solution, but also customizes it to fit our exact requirements. They have delivered a system that is just a perfect match for our needs. PI, cash buying, short form, long form and everything that an agency needs is done through MMS. And our experience with InfoTech’s team has been nothing but positive. Their knowledge of the DR business is exceptional. Thanks to Derek Viglianti’s professionalism and dedication in building and heading InfoTech’s Marketing Systems practice, along with the entrepreneurial spirit of InfoTech, driven by their CEO, Matti Kon.
John Ross
John RossNational Network Director at Dancing Classrooms
InfoTech’s staff has treated our non-profit like any other high profile for-profit organization, taking us from the information technology dark ages to a very efficient, 21st Century organization!
Frank Anastasi
Frank AnastasiCCO / Operations Manager & Partner at Neville, Rodie & Shaw
…highly perceptive to the larger vision of a project while being able to seamlessly drill down to the very detailed level needed on the technology side. They are truly unique in their ability to patiently and thoroughly listen to our needs and offer thoughtful, unique solutions. I feel fortunate to have InfoTech supporting our IT needs and would highly recommend them.
Steven Alschuler
Steven AlschulerPresident at LAK
Even though they are consultants, they provide a level of service that makes it feel like they are on staff. InfoTech’s responsiveness and commitment to our business has been exceptional.
Suzy Dasilva
Suzy DasilvaVP of Media at Competitive Edge
We have worked with InfoTech since 2008, and we have found them to be pro-active and responsive to our needs. We chose the MMS software for its flexibility and strong support team and have not been disappointed. That commitment to excellence is what we need to satisfy our clients and what we have always received from the entire InfoTech team.
Ron Perlstein
Ron PerlsteinFounder of InfoWorx Direct
MMS has streamlined our media buying, reconciliation and trafficking functions. Plus, Derek and the help desk are there for us when we need them. Our experience with MMS has been very positive. Thank you Matti and InfoTech!
Keith Cohn
Keith CohnDirector at FindLaw
We brought InfoTech’s MMS on board in 2003, and from the beginning it was evident that MMS is much more than a typical software system for media buying and reporting. We realized that it is actually an instrument that not only serves our direct response business needs, but also integrates easily with other systems and incorporates other business processes, providing a smooth interaction of our various business aspects. Moreover, we love the fact that InfoTech’s MMS team has a great understanding of the direct response business, and given the structured design of the system, they were able to very quickly turn around our various customization requests.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones President at Lincoln Media Services, Inc.
MMS has been the perfect solution for managing our business. No other direct response system in the market has such a strong combination of both per inquiry and cash buy features in such an easy-to-use interface. MMS also keeps us on top of our reporting, both to clients and media outlets.
Sandra Peters
Sandra PetersPresident at North Country Media Group Company
Our clients will be able to log on to our North Country Web site and enter their username and password. Once they do, they’ll be prompted to create their profile so that all of their information will be instantly available, their data quickly and easily retrieved. In addition to order entry and retrieval, our clients can look at their tracking information through fedex.com so they can see the point of destination. Clients want information quickly, and the system developed for us by InfoTech gives them access to tracking station information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Andrew Gordon
Andrew GordonPresident at Direct Impact Group
MMS has always kept us on the cutting edge of technology and with the MMS PDA you can access critical data anywhere and at any time so you can make sound analysis on the fly. This is only one example of why the direct response industry should adopt MMS as a standard. One thing that has always impressed me, and which has helped us a great deal, is the fact that MMS is a true, Web-based system. This has helped us run our business smoothly, while our buyers work simultaneously from various states. This is not offered by the other systems in the DR space.
Carol Howell
Carol HowellEVP, Business Manager at JWT Action
We had specific needs, and after reviewing all the options on the market, felt InfoTech’s Media Management System offered the best foundation to start from. In addition to all the bells and whistles the system offered, they have met our out-of-the-ordinary needs. Derek and the team have been tremendous to work with from design through implementation, training and support. We are extremely excited with the finished product.
Patrick Cullen
Patrick CullenPresident at NYS Supreme Court Officers Association
Partnering with InfoTech stands among our finest business decisions. Their IT outsourcing services have enhanced our efficiency and advanced our capabilities with regard to providing information, benefits and protections to our members. Their attention to our needs and their availability to troubleshooting issues is beyond reliable. InfoTech’s professionalism begins at the top and allows our organization to never have concern about our systems in this diverse world where we continue to rely heavily on technology.
Jamie Coulter
Jamie CoulterGeneral Manager at Raymond James Limited Canada
The Canadian research department is quite pleased with how RPAS has performed since going live on the system in December 2010. With a Research coverage list close to 250 names and 17 publishing analysts, RJL had outgrown its existing publishing processes. In addition to allowing more timely distribution of research on Canadian companies, the fields of data collected by the RPAS system will allow our investment professionals and their clients to search our research database according to a variety of criteria such as sector, ratings and market capitalization.
Kristen Jones
Kristen JonesSoftware Integration Manager at Raymond James & Associates USA
Raymond James’s research data offerings are varied in part because of the many organizations that create and publish research products and research data. We needed to build a platform that is easy to use and easy to manage for the many and growing number of customers who rely on our data to make timely and informed investment decisions. Working with InfoTech who has partnered with us on building our research publishing systems was a natural development since they have a deep understanding of our approach to research publishing.
Shauna Morrison
Shauna MorrisonChief Operating Officer at GMI
The nature of the consolidation contained two major components. The first, an infrastructure relocation and consolidation, merging three GMI infrastructure locations (San Diego, CA, Portland, MA and New York, NY) into InfoTech’s data center in downtown Manhattan. The second was for InfoTech to take over the software development and implementation for the various GMI software analyses, and rating systems, which were composed from multiple applications that were developed over the past 20 years, and which drive the GMI Automated Rating Systems. InfoTech has a major positive impact on our business. It has accelerated the implementation of new product features and improved the overall performance of our Web-based research platforms. We value InfoTech’s expertise, responsiveness and dedication.
Senator Byron Dorgan
Senator Byron DorganU.S. Senator from North Dakota from 1991-2011
Matti Kon is a corporate leader who understands that building businesses in the U.S. as opposed to shipping jobs overseas has big advantages for his business and also for our country. He is a CEO who made the decision to build an information technology center in Minot, North Dakota instead of locating it overseas. Other CEO’s should take his lead and understand what Matti Kon already knows. Creating jobs in the U.S. is good for the corporate bottom line and at the same time creates jobs here and strengthens the American economy.
Douglas Hayner
Douglas HaynerHARM Program Director at Raytheon Missile Systems
This contract represents an exciting first step in what looks to be a significant business relationship for InfoTech, Raytheon and the Minot community. Raytheon and InfoTech are committed to establishing long term relationships together in Minot, North Dakota that will improve the productivity of both companies and enhance the Minot community work environment.
Anthony (Tony) D’Agostino
Anthony (Tony) D’AgostinoSIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) Board Member
I have worked with InfoTech on several occasions over the past 12 years, while serving in executive level positions at the largest financial institutions in the world. They bring a fresh and thoughtful perspective to each engagement and can be relied upon to design and deliver a client-focused solution that exceeds expectations. As an operations-focused executive, my emphasis has always been on timely deliverables and low costs. They have always delivered on both. Over the years, I have grown to consider InfoTech as a partner and not just a vendor. I value their contributions and have never regretted engaging them on any projects. I will use them again without hesitation for future initiatives.

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