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InfoWorx Direct Chooses InfoTech
Press, Text, PRWeb / Mar 21, 2011

Direct Response Agency InfoWorx Introduces Instant ROI Intelligence – For faster, more effective, and more flexible media planning and buying, it has licensed the pioneering Media Management System from InfoTech

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Infomercial company and DRTV Agency, InfoWorx Direct enhanced its media buying capabilities and effectiveness with an upgrade to leading-edge, advanced media buying and reporting technology. For faster, more effective, and more flexible media planning and buying, it has licensed the pioneering Media Management System (MMS) from InfoTech, and to accelerate media verification it has adopted the Broadcast Verification Services technology from Kantar Media Intelligence.

“With this new media intelligence, we can now plan, place, buy, and verify media better, faster, and more effectively than ever before for our long form infomercials and short form direct response spots. This helps us maximize the impact of every media advertising dollar spent by our clients,” Ron Perlstein, President of InfoWorx Direct said.

“The Media Management System allows us to optimize our buying strategy and to justify the results to clients. MMS enables us to buy media specifically according to measurable and verifiable metrics like ad allowable, and to deliver reports that identify the effective media that meets or surpasses our benchmarks and separates the media that does not perform to expectations.”

“The Broadcast Verification Service empowers us to immediately know when, where, and if our television and radio buys aired as scheduled. We no longer have to wait several days for stations to verify their broadcasts,” Perlstein explained.

“Our media reporting is now more robust as well, and we have the ability to analyze and give clients reports based on the media’s actual performance according to allowable, daypart, cost per order, and several other metrics. The combination of the two intelligent media technologies makes us smarter, faster, and more flexible to identify and capitalize on high-performing media opportunities, eliminate the underachievers, and effectively optimize our media dollars.”

InfoWorx Direct specializes in all aspects of direct response advertising services and consulting, and offers an entire turnkey solution from script to sales for long form infomercials and direct response TV commercials including infomercial production, commercial production, media buying, telemarketing management, fulfillment and home shopping placement. With the new media intelligence technology, InfoWorx Direct has advanced its media buying capabilities, management, and planning strategy into the next generation of more effective media buying based on instantly measurable return on investment (ROI). The guesswork is eliminated so that ROI drives the media decisions.

About InfoWorx Direct

InfoWorx Direct, LLC, is a full service direct response agency with an evolving infomarketing business philosophy. The InfoWorx scientific approach has led to profitable results and success for established companies and newcomers alike. For over 19 years, InfoWorx has established itself as a pioneer in direct response advertising, and has generated billions of dollars of major “as seen on TV success” for its DRTV clients including Emerson Electric, InventTech, SnorEnz, Rubbermaid, and iRobot’s Roomba. For additional information on InfoWorx, contact Ron Perlstein, or visit

About InfoTech Solutions for Business, Inc.

InfoTech Solutions for Business, Inc. (InfoTech) is a privately owned software house and system integration company with a variety of products, IT services and business practices. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with satellite offices in the U.S. only, InfoTech is a Microsoft Certified Partner and GSA approved contractor with multiple credentials and certifications. The company’s clients include some of the most prestigious banks, media companies, government agencies, and small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries. Additional information can be found at or by contacting InfoTech at (212)245-4222.

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