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Most Promising Check Point Solution Providers in 2015
Press, Text, CIO Review / Feb 4, 2015

We maintain our client’s entire infrastructure, so it is important to have a product like Check Point’s firewalls installed to combat security threats.

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Universal security threats and the business-critical nature of the industry necessitates that businesses select solutions that provide comprehensive security and regulatory competencies. One solution that is outperforming the competition is Check Point Software Technologies and one technology house that is leveraging this security solution is InfoTech Solutions for Business. Headquartered in Manhattan, NY, with several satellite offices worldwide, InfoTech specializes in technology consultation with several business practices and software products in a variety of markets.

InfoTech, a long time vendor of Check Point regularly recommends the provider to its prospects and clients. Matti Kon, Founder and President of InfoTech is pleased by the partnership with Check Point. “They are an industry leader that specializes in cyber security including, network security, mobile security, and firewalls. In terms of technology, they have a proof of concept and a proven track record,” Kon stated. The partnership is a natural fit, as InfoTech is a holistic technology provider offering their clients complete outsourcing of their technology department at far more affordable prices than if they were to maintain an in-house staff and Check Point is one of their top security offerings.”We maintain our client’s entire infrastructure, so it is important to have a product like Check Point’s firewalls installed to combat security threats,” Kon also said.

Apart from their partnership with Check Point, InfoTech is also a top software development house with multiple custom and proprietary products in the financial, media, and government markets. Top banks and rating agencies utilize their systems, including RPAS (Research Publishing Automation System), MMS (Media Management System), and WRS (Workforce Management System) which are their flagship products in the financial, media and labor industries. Additionally, adding RPAS Cloud to its repertoire of products last year, this revolutionary cloud-based system is platform agnostic and can be used for financial research, pharmaceutical research, legal purposes as well as other industries with a simple subscription process and zero hardware investment. This tool provides financial research analysts a system workflow for their research. They are able to populate a variety of model toolkits, earning comparisons, and industry models while adding their comments about market positioning or their recommendations. In essence, it is a web-based application that allows analysts to submit documents any time throughout the day and have them published almost immediately. This means research will be published on a real time basis, putting vital information into analyst’s hands sooner.

Looking ahead, InfoTech plans to continue recommending Check Point as well as RPAS and their many other business tools to their clients while expanding both nationally and internationally.

InfoTech Solutions for Business

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