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Press, Text, Bismarck Tribune / Mar 25, 2007

A New York-based technology company has opened a facility here to work on a project for the military

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InfoTech celebrated its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday.

InfoTech plans to create a global information network with weather, satellite images, troop movements, inventory of supplies and other operational intelligence in a high-security Web-based format. The project would gather information handled by different networks into one system for Navy personnel.

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., said the Navy wants the project, and Congress approved $1.8 million for it.

Mayor Curt Zimbelman said the city also gave the company $400,000 from Minot’s Magic Fund, a business development program financed by city sales tax revenues.

“This is a good deal for us,” Zimbelman said. “It will bring good, higher paying jobs to the community, and will create a lot more opportunity for these kinds of businesses.”

Jerry Chavez, president of the Minot Area Development Corp., said the company has about 15 employees now with plans to double the work force in about a year. The company is operating in a bank building in downtown Minot, Chavez said.

Matti Kon, president of InfoTech, said there has been a trend in the U.S. to move technology jobs overseas. “We refer to it in the industry as halfway to India,” Kon said. He said some companies are now looking at the Midwest to find quality employees to do the work at a competitive price. “I think the trend of bringing IT to places like this (Minot) will continue,” Kon said.

Chavez said the company is working with Minot State University to build a technology curriculum.

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