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Press, Text, PRWeb / Sep 20, 2006

InfoTech Introduces Media Analysis Platform on Web-Enabled PDAs Real-Time Media Campaign Information Made Available – Anytime, Anywhere

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InfoTech, makers of the Media Management System (MMS) for direct response advertisers and agencies, has released MMS PDA. The new reporting platform allows media campaign managers to view real-time media performance data on their Blackberry™, Treo™ or any other web-enabled PDA of their choice. Users can immediately track media spending, response results, efficiency ratios and a wealth of other information with just a few intuitive clicks – anytime, anywhere. The new MMS PDA platform is offered to all MMS clients at no additional cost.

InfoTech recently added this PDA functionality to several existing MMS clients, and has already received an overwhelmingly positive response. Offering 24/7 access to the depth and breadth of MMS’s existing offerings through the use of a web-enabled PDA provides media managers with the flexibility to make informed decisions – in and out of the office.

“Having this information at my fingertips, whether I am in a meeting or on a plane, gives me a real step-up on the competition,” said Dr. Nadia Ashrafian, CEO of Capital Media.

“MMS has always kept us on the cutting edge of technology. MMS PDA is the latest example of how this technology is applied towards optimizing business results,” said Andrew Gordon, President of Direct Impact Group.

InfoTech’s unique, web-based Media Management System for Direct Response media agencies and large marketing companies enables the latest integration of office technology, including the ability to send broadcast orders, traffic and dubbing instructions, to import spot, response and station invoice data, and to export data to accounting systems.

“We always try to gauge the needs of our clients,” says Derek Viglianti, InfoTech’s EVP of Media Management Solutions. “Instant, portable access to critical campaign data was one need that many clients conveyed to us. MMS PDA is our response to that need.”

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InfoTech Solutions for Business, Inc. (InfoTech) is a privately owned software house and system integration company with a variety of products, IT services and business practices. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with satellite offices in the U.S. only, InfoTech is a Microsoft Certified Partner and GSA approved contractor with multiple credentials and certifications. The company’s clients include some of the most prestigious banks, media companies, government agencies, and small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries. Additional information can be found at or by contacting InfoTech at (212)245-4222.

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