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Brazzlebox Chooses InfoTech
Press, Text, Yahoo! Finance / May 3, 2012

InfoTech Solutions for Business Announces the Development of Brazzlebox, a Unique Social Media Site That Will Allow Businesses and Consumers to Connect Like Never Before

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InfoTech, a leading New York software house and system solutions company, with programming facilities in North Dakota, signed a contract with Brazzlebox Inc., out of Syracuse, NY to partner in the development of a new revolutionary B2B social network site that will launch in October 2012. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Brazzlebox, which is the brainchild of visionary Glen Zinszer, is expected to fill the current B2B and B2Consumer social networking void within the social media sphere. The partnership between InfoTech and Brazzlebox, is a great fit according to President Glen Zinszer who is excited to translate his vision to the web.

“Brazzlebox connects B2B and B2Consumer with several unique features. We are embarking on something that has not yet been done and we are excited to get Brazzlebox to the business and the consumer communities” said Zinszer. Brazzlebox partner Joe Ablan added, “After meeting with several other software development firms, we are extremely confident in our selection of InfoTech to custom develop Brazzlebox because they are so technically advanced, but the real advantage is that they have a clear business understanding and knowledge, which has made this collaboration so dynamic. There is no way we could have received the same level of service and performance from any of the other development firms we interviewed.”

The development of the Brazzlebox B2B social network site, which leverages on state-of-the-art technology in concert with a unique business approach and user experience, is yet another challenging business and technology undertaking led by InfoTech in a long line of successful and unique products. A sample of such products developed by InfoTech include the iMRLN for Apple iPad and iPhone, the Captive Flight Data Recorder (CFDR) for Raytheon Missile Systems, the global Research Publishing Automation System (RPAS) for Raymond James Ltd., the automation systems for Sheet Metal Workers International Local Unions #25 in New Jersey and #28, the Secure Discovery project for the US Navy and many others.

“Social media is the new form of business and personal communication as we are seeing more and more social media systems out in the market, led by models set forth by companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn. What the market has yet to see is a successful social network that enables businesses to link and leverage on other businesses in their community and on a national level. We are excited about this project and honored to be selected for the development by Brazzlebox management” said Matti Kon, InfoTech’s President and CEO. Mr. Kon was recently awarded as the IT Champion of North Dakota.

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About Brazzlebox

Brazzlebox, established and headquartered out of Syracuse, NY is expected to add 30 jobs within the community by the end of October 2012. Additional information can be found at

About InfoTech Solutions for Business, Inc.

InfoTech Solutions for Business, Inc. (InfoTech) is a privately owned software house and system integration company with a variety of products, IT services and business practices. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with satellite offices in the U.S. only, InfoTech is a Microsoft Certified Partner and GSA approved contractor with multiple credentials and certifications. The company’s clients include some of the most prestigious banks, media companies, government agencies, and small to mid-size companies representing a wide range of industries. Additional information can be found at or by contacting InfoTech at (212)245-4222.

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