Hardware & Software Sales

Our Hardware and Software Sales capability is a value added service for clients of our IT Outsourcing Practice. It is in place to help our clients choose the right hardware and software for their organizations. Whether you are looking for a PC, server, laptop or that rare hardware component that no one else seems to be able to find, we can help.


How Do Our Hardware & Software Sales Work?

Our IT professionals evaluate our clients’ needs by assessing what’s currently in place at their sites, while considering company growth, potential speed and performance enhancements, and available upgrade options. This may include the following:


Systems Survey

This is the process of surveying and evaluating a client’s existing infrastructure and systems. Furthermore, we conduct planning sessions with the client in order to project growth in personnel and data creation.


Software Analysis

This is the process of assessing current and future software needs. This includes making sure that the client has the necessary licensing for desktop software as well as the appropriate server licenses and client access licenses. We also evaluate the need for upgrades to new versions of software packages.

The methods described allow us to provide clients with hardware and software proposals relevant to their business objectives. We are a reseller for most of the major hardware and software brand names and we have partnered with several distributors to make sure that we can offer the best prices and equipment. Additionally, our IT professionals do all of the following:

Provide our clients with the correct hardware and software to cover their needs
Handle all warranties and returns, so our clients can focus on their business
Install and configure all hardware and software for our clients
Train our clients’ employees on new products so they can be productive in a short time

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