Metcast Channels Data Distribution System

This project was delivered for Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC), as a part of InfoTech’s system development & integration practice for Federal / Department of Defense. Metcast was an existing publish / subscription information distribution system for any form of arbitrary data (i.e. satellite images, sensor data, weather information, military logistic data, etc).


InfoTech was approached by FNMOC to help the US Navy improve access to its existing Metcast Channels Data Distribution subscription system. The existing Metcast system was an issue for the Navy, because access to Metcast Channels was limited to personnel with technical knowledge of how to query Metcast Channels system (i.e. knowing proprietary query language). This limited the access and utilization of Metcast Channels to qualified US Navy personnel only. This video presents how InfoTech approached this challenge and delivered the project.

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