Why use InfoTech for Your Federal/Department of Defense Needs?

Experienced Engineers and Developers
Over the years, InfoTech has consistently developed integration capabilities and security systems for the DoD. We have leveraged our engineering and systems development experience from the commercial world into the Federal/DoD arena. We maintain a fully credentialed staff of IT professionals, including systems analysts, software engineers, database analysts and QA & QC personnel, all led by experienced project managers.
Systems Development
Using the latest technologies of modern development tools and methodologies while staying compatible with industry standards, we are able to improve quality of the product by increasing the quality of code, product security and product performance.
Microsoft Certified Partner
We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, a status that requires us to provide Microsoft with actual samples of applications developed for clients during the previous year. Microsoft confirms directly with our clients that the development and deployment were successful.
GSA Certified by the U.S. Government
We have developed various applications for the Department of Defense (DoD) and we are an approved vendor on the Government GSA (General Services Administration) schedule (GSA# 35FO22OT).
In-Shoring/ U.S.-Based Labor Only
InfoTech does not off-shore any work overseas. We only use U.S. labor, offering our customers the highest quality expertise, supported by strong communication channels and a clear understanding of the U.S. business environment. With headquarters in New York and a full development facility in North Dakota, this business model has been beneficial to InfoTech and our clients.
InfoTech Solutions for Business

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