iMRLN (InfoTech’s Mobile Research Library Network)

iMRLN is a mobile device delivery platform that provides authorized consumers of your firm’s research products quick and manageable access to research matter in their immediate areas of interest. iMRLN delivers the flexibility and immediacy of content access to mobile users who rely on the ability to work outside the constraints of a “wired” work environment. iMRLN can be deployed at your organization as a stand-alone application, or as an add-on to the Research Publishing Automation System, which can distribute your research documents to iMRLN. Authorized users gain access to the most recent research available as well as publications released a day, a week or months earlier. Moreover, the user is provided concise presentation of related data in addition to publications access. iMRLN minimizes your firm’s reliance on expensive hardcopy distribution and hard-to-manage email subscription methods.

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