Research Contact Management

The Research Contact Management is an application that allows you to manage contacts, target distribution of research to those contacts and track and reduce distribution costs.

Research Contact Management




Full Featured Contact Management

The system allows you to maintain all the contact details, manage and track communications with your contacts and set up alerts for contacting them.


Subscription Management

The system allows you to maintain the holdings of each contact and their interests in particular securities. By using subscriptions, you can ensure that your contacts receive only the research they want and in the format they want.


Job Orders

When a piece of research is created, the system allows you to create a job order for that research. The job order specifies certain details of the document, as well as instructions for hard-copy printing. When the job order is scheduled, the system compares the attributes in the job order to the attributes in the various contacts’ subscriptions to determine who should receive the research and in what format. The system also allows you merge multiple job orders for more efficient hard copy distribution.


Cost Management

The system allows you to indicate the costs for each job order and assign each job order to a cost center. This allows for a variety of cost reports, based on different criteria.


RPAS Integration

The application integrates directly with the Research Publishing Automation System(RPAS).

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