Our Key Factors of Success

While many technology companies see themselves as “client-driven,” the uniqueness of InfoTech is that we approach business and technology as “client-driving.” It is imperative not only to give our clients what they ask for, but to also recommend what they need and what will help them, even if they are not yet aware of the need. This philosophy of consistently pursuing new technologies and their implementation, to ensure maximum efficiency in every level of our clients’ operations, is a critical trait for successful companies in a rapidly growing and ever evolving technology market.

A few additional notes about InfoTech’s philosophy and some of our key success factors

Client Base
InfoTech serves AAA client base throughout various industries and markets. These include, but are not limited to, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, leading Wall Street firms, media companies and labor unions, as well as hundreds of professional services companies ranging from 10 to 100,000 employees.
Industry Accreditations  
InfoTech holds multiple certifications and cross-industry accreditations. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are DCAA (Defense Contracting Audit Agency) approved, we are on the GSA (General Services Administration) schedule, and others.
One of InfoTech’s greatest strengths is its cross-selling and fertilization capabilities, i.e., selling to a client who is subscribed to one of our software products or business practices/services one or more of our other offerings. This capability stems from our business diversity, which naturally lends itself to a knowledge base of various industries and technologies.
Business Diversity 
Rather than limiting our products to only one market, we have developed products and specialties in several industries. This diversity is instrumental in achieving high proficiencies in these markets, as well as cross leveraging professional knowledge and technology between the practices to maximize the client’s benefit and return on technology investment.
Proof of Concept 
InfoTech’s products and services have been used by various industries for over a decade. We have a successful track record with many large corporate clients, the DoD, U.S. Navy and many smaller and midsize companies. Our loyalty to our clients as well as our systematic deliverables, speak for themselves.
InfoTech Solutions for Business

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