Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning that focuses on the recovery of technology systems that support critical business processes in an organization. Disasters can strike at any time so it’s important to have a plan for disaster recovery. We can take care of your business processes, technology and data so you can focus on your customers and employees in a time of need. Disasters come in different forms that can impact your business:


Natural Disasters

Fire / flood / blizzard / hurricane / etc.


Man-made Disasters

Power outage / Internet service disruption / equipment damage / etc.


How Does Disaster Recovery & Backup Work?

Disaster Recovery

InfoTech assists your company in creating an ongoing outline for disaster recovery:

Assigning key employees to predefined roles (assessment teams, restoration teams)
Maintaining and updating network infrastructure documentation
Identifying threats to business and IT infrastructure
Determining the priority of critical assets, data and applications to be restored

A range of solutions are available to meet the demands of your company:

Provisioning remote offices with required equipment to restore functionality and communications
Remote hosting and a fully operational backup in our North Dakota Data Center
Hosting virtualized networks that continuously replicate files, mail and database systems
Designing remote access via VPN (Virtual Private Network) to work from any location


InfoTech provides several methods for backing up important files and information. Local backups are scheduled for quick restoration of large amounts of data or entire servers to keep your business up and running. InfoTech Cloud Backup gives you peace of mind knowing that if your on-site hardware is no longer available, your data is accessible from anywhere. Features of InfoTech cloud backup include:



Only authorized users can access your data


High Availability for Restoration

Files are available when you need them


Block Level Backup

After the initial backup, only changes are backed up, saving time and bandwidth


Microsoft Exchange Support

Restore individual mailboxes or an entire data store


Retention and Archiving

You determine how long old backups will be stored


Why Choose InfoTech for Disaster Recovery and Backup?

InfoTech has always maintained that a good disaster recovery and business continuity plan is essential for organizations and businesses of all sizes. Some of our hands-on disaster recovery experience was gained helping businesses during 9/11, the East Coast blackout of 2003 and most recently, Hurricane Sandy. We can state with confidence that the disaster recovery plans we created with our clients work.

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