IT Outsourcing, Hosting & Cloud Services (ITO)

IT Outsourcing with InfoTech is a complete end-to-end IT solution for your business. We offer clients an external service to manage their IT needs efficiently and economically. Our services range from basic troubleshooting of desktop systems to installations and support of the most complex IT infrastructures, including hosting and cloud services as well as multi-platform network management and support. We approach every outsourcing initiative as a process of trust. Our support contracts vary, based on client size and requirements. The services we offer enable our clients to concentrate on their core competencies, while we manage the IT process in the background. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, as well as a distributor of a variety of computer and security products, such as APC, HP, IBM, Cisco, Sonic Wall, Checkpoint, Symantec, VMware and others. This enables us to serve our clients in the most professional manner with access to the appropriate manufacturing support.


Why Outsource your IT with us

Outsourcing with us allows you:


Core Competencies

To be the most successful in your field, your business should be able to focus on its revenue producing core competencies and outsource anything outside that realm. Whatever your niche, you’re good at it. Our niche is IT.



Because of the vast diversity in technology, one person cannot know everything in relation to technology. InfoTech leverages its talent of numerous professional in all aspects of IT. With InfoTech’s innovative services, you will have access to extensive knowledge and experience while avoiding technical liability.



InfoTech’s multiple locations and mobile IT force allow our team to meet your needs in a speedy manner. When you have an issue, you can expect a rapid response from experienced engineers who can quickly address your IT requirements.



Regardless of whether you only need IT specialties sporadically or whether you need 24/7 support, an InfoTech service contract gives you the best of both worlds – professional and reliable IT services without the hefty price tag.


IT Services Offered

Our IT Outsourcing Practice offers services from basic troubleshooting of desktop systems to the most complex installations and support of IT infrastructures, such as multi-platform network management and support, data center hosting and cloud services.


Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT planning is recognized as one of the key factors to business success. This process includes the creation of a Technology Roadmap, which defines short-term and long-term business goals and identifies specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. Strategic planning can also include IT budgeting and GAP analysis, which compares the actual performance of IT systems with potential performance and ITO Strategic IT Planning goals. A number of national banks as well as government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and Los Alamos National Laboratory, have undergone strategic IT planning processes and shown a return on investment of up to 700%.


On-site IT Systems Management

On-site IT systems management is the total administration of a client’s IT infrastructure, including end user desktop support, as well as complete backend server room management and support.


Cloud Services

Cloud services, or cloud computing, are services that are delivered over a network. Clients can avoid upfront infrastructure costs by outsourcing their software and/or infrastructure needs to a cloud provider.


Data Center Managed Hosting & Co-location Services

Managed hosting relieves the daily pressures of IT infrastructure oversight so you can stay focused on growing your business. InfoTech’s managed hosting delivers a breadth of services and levels of support that you just won’t find elsewhere.


Network Security

Security for your network devices and data can come in many forms and varying degrees of sophistication. Careful planning for your network security infrastructure must be done by qualified personnel or the security measures will fall short of desired performance objectives.


Disaster Recovery & Backup Service

Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning that focuses on the recovery of technology systems that support critical business processes in an organization. Disasters can strike at any time so it’s important to have a plan for disaster recovery. We can take care of your business processes, technology and data so you can focus on your customers and employees in a time of need.


Network Installation

Network installation is the process of designing, installing and maintaining a reliable network for an organization. Oftentimes, the challenge with network installation is not in creating a brand new network, but planning and creating a working system within an existing network that has developed over the life of the business.


System Integration

System integration refers to combining several components into one system and ensuring all parts work together in a fully functional system. Some examples of such integrations include: Third-party financial data provider feeds to a network, Central and remote office integration and information sharing, Collaboration integration for better information sharing.


Technology Relocation & IT Rollout Services

When an organization is moving operations to new or multiple locations or is expanding existing locations, it will need technology systems relocation services. Similarly, IT rollout services encompass the full set of technology services required to manage change in an organization’s IT infrastructure.


Preventative Maintenance

As the name implies, preventative maintenance refers to performing proactive tasks in order to prevent system problems. Over the years, InfoTech has developed a detailed preventative PC maintenance plan for our customers. The plan includes climate-environment control, hardware diagnostics, firmware and software updates, and virus and malware scans. For example, excess heat can accelerate the deterioration of the delicate circuits in computers. The most common causes of overheating are dust and dirt. Clogged vents and CPU cooling fans can keep heat-dissipating air from moving through the case and can raise the temperature of the PC’s components. An overheated system doesn’t perform at its best capacity; therefore, InfoTech’s technicians take any necessary measures to keep your system clean, inside and out.




Application / Web Servers

Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
Google GWS

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Windows Azure
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft SharePoint 2013
Google Docs
Google App Engine
SalesForce Cloud
Apple iCloud
Apache OpenOffice

Programming Languages

C# / C#.NET for Office
C / C++
Java / JavaScript
Visual Basic / Visual Basic .NET / VB.NET for Office / VBScript

Frameworks / API / Tools

Amazon APIs
Apache Ant
Facebook APIs
Google APIs
Java AWT / Swing
Java Servlet / JSP
JSF (Java Server Faces)
Kendo UI
LinkedIn APIs
Microsoft Analysis Services
SOAP / REST Web Services
Subversion / SVN
Twitter APIs
XML / XML DTD / XPath / XQuery / XSL / XSLT

Application Platforms / Software Frameworks

Apache Hadoop / Solr
Microsoft Dynamics
Open Web Analytics (OWA)

Database Technology / None-SQL Data Stores

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SharePoint
Oracle DB
Apache Lucene / Solr / Hadoop

Hardware Supported

Servers / Desktops / Laptops / Tablets
HP / Dell / Apple / Lenovo / IBM / Blackberry Enterprise Server
Switches / Firewalls / Routers
HP / Cisco Systems / Apple / Checkpoint / Sonic Wall / Barracuda / Juniper Networks
HP / Xerox / Epson
Mobile Devices
Apple / Android / Microsoft / Blackberry

Operating Systems Supported

Microsoft Windows XP Pro / 7 / 8
Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion / Mavericks
Android Ice Cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean / KitKat
iOS 6 / 7
Windows Phone 7 / 8
Blackberry 7

Microsoft Technologies Supported

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012
Microsoft Windows XP Pro / 7 /8
Microsoft Office Suite
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Share Point
Microsoft Team Foundation
Microsoft Webserver

Open Source Technologies Supported

Linux Server Operating Systems
Linux My SQL
Linux PostgreSQL
Linux variety of web and email servers

General / Off-the-shelf Apps Supported

Symantec Backup Exec
Symantec Enterprise Vault
Symantec Anti-Virus and Endpoint protection
VMware Server and Desktop Virtualization
Intuit QuickBooks
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud


Contracts Offered

We understand that different organizations have different needs, in terms of both the types of service needed and the volume of support required. Clearly, a five-person organization has very different needs than a company with 1,000 employees. To accommodate these different needs, we offer different types of ongoing support contracts:


Premium IT Services Contracts

Gold Agreement – Fixed hours per month

Typical Client
The typical Premium Contract client has a medium-sized network (less than 40 workstations and one or a few servers) and business operations that can continue with minimal impact if the network is down for short periods of time.
Business Agreement
Under this arrangement, clients usually commit to a minimum block of hours per month for a period of no less than one year.
Response Time
Response time under the Premium Contract may be up to two hours.

Enterprise IT Services Contracts

Platinum Agreement – Full-time equivalent (FTE)

Typical Client
The typical client purchasing an Enterprise Contract has a large network (more than 40 workstations and multiple servers) or business operations that cannot continue if the network is down for short periods of time.
Business Agreement
This is an FTE arrangement under which the client has full-time technician(s) on board, billing at least forty hours per week. This allows for constant on-site presence of InfoTech staff, monitoring the client’s IT infrastructure and immediately responding to any IT issues, as well as performing additional IT functions, such as upgrades and updates, new system installations, etc.
Response Time
Response time under the Enterprise Contract is immediate, since the InfoTech technician is already stationed at the client site.

Express Contracts – Pay as you go

Typical Client
The typical client purchasing a Professional Contract has a small network and business operations that can continue with minimal impact if their network is down for a short period of time.
Business Agreement
Under this arrangement, clients usually purchase a block of hours in advance, with no commitment beyond that purchase.
Response Time
While we try to serve our clients promptly after they call, response time under the Professional Contract can be up to eight hours.

Fixed–Price IT Services Contracts

Typical Client
The typical client purchasing a Fixed–Price IT Services contract has a short-term IT project, for example a system relocation or rollout, which requires additional resources to complete.
Business Agreement
This is a Fixed–Price arrangement for IT services under which the client contracts InfoTech to deliver a well-defined product or service at a price that has been agreed upon in advance of the work being conducted. Fixed–Price contracts cover all of the time, effort and material required to achieve the requested deliverable and end when the deliverable has been accepted by the client.
Response Time
Response time under the Fixed–Price arrangement is agreed upon on a case by case basis since it is dictated by the client requirements and the scope of the project/deliverable.

Time-and-Material IT Services Contracts

Typical Client
Business Agreement
This is a time-and-material arrangement for IT services under which the client contracts InfoTech to accomplish a task, deliver a service or provide support on an as needed basis. This contract type is often used if the deliverables cannot be clearly defined due to the nature to the project i.e. a complicated network problem needs to be diagnosed and addressed, an employee of the client is on an undefined leave of absence, etc.
Response Time
Response time under the time-and-material arrangement is agreed upon on a case by case basis, since it is dictated by the client requirements and the scope of the project / deliverable.


Related Practices


Website Development

Your site will be crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience, with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling and across a wide range of devices, from desktop monitors to mobile devices.


Custom Application Development

Our Custom Application Practice provides a systematic methodology of application development tailored to our clients’ needs. It is at the heart of the InfoTech organization and continuously pumps new blood into our various business practices. We specialize in developing custom products for our clients, as well as proprietary products offered on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis, such as our Research Publishing Automation System. The success of those products has allowed InfoTech to transform them into their own business practices.


Social Media Development

Social media refers to technologies used to create, share, and exchange content and ideas among people in virtual networks. It depends largely on accessing information from mobile devices and accessing the internet using the new Web 2.0 technologies. It is also driven and fortified by the massive trends of Globalization, Cloud Computing, and Consumerization of IT.


Hardware and Software Sales

Our Hardware and Software Sales capability is a value added service for clients of our IT Outsourcing Practice. It is in place to help our clients choose the right hardware and software for their organizations. Whether you are looking for a PC, server, laptop or that rare hardware component that no one else seems to be able to find, we can help.




New York State Supreme Court Officers Association (NYSSCOA)

Partnering with InfoTech stands among our finest business decisions. Their IT outsourcing services have enhanced our efficiency and advanced our capabilities with regard to providing information, benefits and protections to our members. Their attention to our needs and their availability to troubleshooting issues is beyond reliable. InfoTech’s professionalism begins at the top and allows our organization to never have concern about our systems in this diverse world where we continue to rely heavily on technology.


Patrick Cullen
President at NYS Supreme Court Officers Association

LAK Public Relations

Even though they are consultants, they provide a level of service that makes it feel like they are on staff. InfoTech’s responsiveness and commitment to our business has been exceptional.


Steven Alschuler
President at LAK

Neville, Rodie & Shaw Investment Counsel

…highly perceptive to the larger vision of a project while being able to seamlessly drill down to the very detailed level needed on the technology side. They are truly unique in their ability to patiently and thoroughly listen to our needs and offer thoughtful, unique solutions. I feel fortunate to have InfoTech supporting our IT needs and would highly recommend them.


Frank Anastasi
CCO / Operations Manager & Partner at Neville, Rodie & Shaw

Dancing Classrooms New York City

InfoTech’s staff has treated our non-profit like any other high profile for-profit organization, taking us from the information technology dark ages to a very efficient, 21st Century organization!


John Ross
National Network Director at Dancing Classrooms

PMI (Pharmaceutical Media Inc.)

InfoTech is terrific they have a handle on everything (…) they are very proactive. Everyone at PMI is pleased with the services.


Kathleen Harrison
Executive VP / Managing Partner at PMI

Freeman & Co.

We have worked with the professionals at InfoTech for almost 10 years. They are problem solvers as well as problem preventers – day or night. They understand what is critical to being successful. The InfoTech Team works as hard for our business as we do.


Susan J. Laskey
Chief Operating Officer at Freeman & Co.

North Country Media Group Company

Our clients will be able to log on to our North Country Web site and enter their username and password. Once they do, they’ll be prompted to create their profile so that all of their information will be instantly available, their data quickly and easily retrieved. In addition to order entry and retrieval, our clients can look at their tracking information through so they can see the point of destination. Clients want information quickly, and the system developed for us by InfoTech gives them access to tracking station information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Sandra Peters
President at North Country Media Group Company

GMI (Governance Metrics International)

InfoTech has a major positive impact on our business. It has accelerated the implementation of new product features and improved the overall performance of our Web-based research platforms. We value InfoTech’s expertise, responsiveness and dedication.


Shauna Morrison
Chief Operating Officer at GMI

SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation)

I have worked with InfoTech on several occasions over the past 12 years, while serving in executive level positions at the largest financial institutions in the world. They bring a fresh and thoughtful perspective to each engagement and can be relied upon to design and deliver a client-focused solution that exceeds expectations. As an operations-focused executive, my emphasis has always been on timely deliverables and low costs. They have always delivered on both. Over the years, I have grown to consider InfoTech as a partner and not just a vendor. I value their contributions and have never regretted engaging them on any projects. I will use them again without hesitation for future initiatives.


Anthony (Tony) D’Agostino
SIPC Board Member / Former COO of Global Quantitative Analytics at UBS / Former USN Cmdr. Ret.

Z-Card North America

InfoTech is truly the 24 x7 service provider; even when my network went down due to the Hurricane they were only a phone call way.


Edgar N. Millington
Chief Financial Officer at Z-Card North America



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