System Integration

System integration refers to combining several components into one system and ensuring all parts work together in a fully functional system. Some examples of such integrations include: Third-party financial data provider feeds to a network, Central and remote office integration and information sharing, Collaboration integration for better information sharing.


How Does System Integration Work?

Subsystems can be combined using a few different methods:


Vertical Integration

Integrate by grouping the systems by functionality


Star Integration

Integrate while each system is connected to one of the remaining subsystems


Horizontal Integration

Integrate based on how the systems communicate with each other


Why Choose InfoTech for Your Systems Integration?

Integrating your systems and services make it possible to leverage technology and information resources to attain and maintain a competitive advantage. With our System Integration services, we are geared to provide seamless integration between various technology platforms and applications that drive business across the enterprise.

InfoTech Solutions for Business

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