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The term IT Outsourcing is used to describe a number of different business support models; for some this includes outsourcing work overseas to foreign countries. Here at InfoTech, our IT Outsourcing services are provided locally. All of our employees are full-time, certified professionals, located right here in the U.S. With multiple locations and a mobile IT force, we are committed to providing our clients fast and accurate technical solutions. This book will show you how IT Outsourcing “done right” is a successful and viable concept.

We allow our clients to concentrate on their core competencies while we concentrate on their technology. At InfoTech, we do not use the “one size fits all” IT methodology. Instead our IT Outsourcing services are custom tailored to fit each individual client’s requirements and needs. Whether you need a few hours of service per month or an entire team of full time IT professionals on-site, we create a service model that fits your company’s business requirements. Our IT practice offers services from basic troubleshooting of desktop systems to complex installations and support of IT infrastructures. Our team of qualified individuals with advanced technical skills and a true passion for technology are here to help in anything IT related including on-site IT systems management, cloud services, disaster recovery and backup, network security, preventative maintenance or simply recommending the right hardware equipment.


While we deploy the same sophisticated monitoring and remote support tools as our competitors, at InfoTech, we believe that nothing surpasses personal interaction and hands-on support to our clients. Each client is supported by a team of IT specialists who are led by a designated client project manager and a lead service technician. We strongly believe that our client’s business success is our success. Our service longevity with our clients, some who have been with us for over fifteen years, is a remarkable testimony to the loyalty and trust that our clients have with InfoTech.
Finally, InfoTech is a complete technology house. From our many years of architecting and implementing technology solutions, we have acquired a vast knowledge base across the full spectrum of information technology. As a complete technology solutions company with multiple custom developed software products and software systems deployed with some of the largest banks and media companies in the country, we are able to provide holistic technology solutions. So whether you need basic IT Outsourcing support or a complete software system solution customized for your business, we are able to expertly handle all your needs.
I am looking forward to discussing you custom IT Outsourcing solution with you.
Thorsten Buescher
EVP – IT Outsourcing
212 -245 4222

Services Offered

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