InfoTech is working with various clients on moving enterprise-class applications from a fixed physical environment to a virtualized, cost-effective and low latency cloud environment.

InfoTech’s Next-Gen Cloud-Based Applications run on a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure, with minimal for our clients support and administration costs, and more flexibility than they’ve come to expect from their infrastructure, either on-premise or at a datacenter facility.

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing
There are some clear business benefits to building applications in the cloud:

  • Almost zero upfront infrastructure investment
  • Just-in-time Infrastructure
  • More efficient resource utilization
  • Usage-based costing
  • Reduced time to market

Technical Benefits of Cloud Computing
Some of the technical benefits of the Cloud include:

  • Automation
  • Auto-scaling
  • Proactive Scaling
  • More Efficient Development lifecycle
  • Improved Testability

Best-of-class Public Services
We use the best-of-class public cloud services as building blocks for our Next-Gen applications.
Some of those services include:

  • Amazon S3, Simple Notification Service, and Simple Workflow Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Windows 2013 Servers on Windows Azure
  • GovCloud on Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure
  • No-SQL Data stores on MongoDB
  • Document Search and Indexing with Apache Solr on Heroku
  • User, User Group Management & Security Workflows on StormPath
  • Distributed Cache Implementation with Microsoft’s AppFabric
  • Email Service with Analytics on SendGrid
  • FTP Service on Hosted-FTP
  • Messaging (SMS, Text, Voice) on Twilio
  • Social Apps on Facebook
  • Contact Management Integration Apps and Services on SalesForce
  • Market Data Services from Thompson Reuters
  • Data Visualization with Google Maps and Google Charts
  • WebAPI and Analytics hosted on APIGEE
  • Cloud Monitoring and Optimization on Memvev
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