Social media refers to technologies used to create, share, and exchange content and ideas among people in virtual networks. It is driven and fortified by the massive trends of globalization and cloud computing, which started with the boom of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Starting from site architecture to infrastructure implementation, InfoTech develops full scale social media sites. We also develop tools that can be integrated into existing social media systems such as, automating social media campaigns, performance tracking, social data visualization and statistics, social sharing, API creation for social channels and much more.

Building a social media site takes a vision. We work with companies to understand their vision, while providing our expertise, experience and know-how to bring their vision to reality.

InfoTech uses the following technologies in social media development:

  • On-Demand Data Management using Cloud Computing Services, e.g.Amazon EC2, Heroku, Windows Azure, SQL Server Azure, etc.
  • Hierarchical Data Management with MongoDB and Apache Solr
  • Associative Data Management with Graph Databases, e.g. BrightstarDB, Infinite Graph, Neo4j, etc.
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Scalable Internet App Development with Node.js and NGINX web servers.
  • Mobile App Development with PhoneGap.
  • Open Standards for Authorization and Authentication, e.g. oAuth 2.0 and OpenID
  • Distributed Memory Caching Systems, e.g. Memcached, AppFabric Caching, Redis.
  • Html5/CSS3
  • JavaScript, jQuery and jQuery Extensions
  • Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social sites and Apps
  • WordPress and various CSS Frameworks


InfoTech Solutions for Business

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