When an organization is moving operations to new or multiple locations or is expanding
existing locations, it will need technology systems relocation services. Similarly, IT rollout
services encompass the full set of technology services required to manage change in an
organization’s IT infrastructure.

Technology systems relocation includes the following services:

  • Planning the new infrastructure and handling all technical aspects before the physical move
  • Managing third-party vendors and providers for lines and feeds before and after cut-over
  • Planning and managing the physical moving of equipment and backing up data to prevent loss in case of damage to equipment during the move
  • Bringing up the network at the new location and testing all internal and external connectivity to ensure normal operation

Some examples of IT rollout services include:

  • Deploying a new set of desktop computers to users
  • Installing new application or updates to a group of people
  • Developing scripts for the deployment of software throughout an organization.
  • Deploying new or updated server systems

InfoTech has provided technology relocation and rollout services for financial firms with 250+ users to small businesses with less than five users. Our projects have been delivered on time without unscheduled business interruption to our clients.

InfoTech Solutions for Business

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