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Cybersecurity expert Matti Kon joins Tech Talk to discuss cybersecurity under the Presidency of Donald Trump and implications for it stemming from some of Trump’s actions, such as nixing the TPP.

Wink News Call for Action quotes Matti Kon, CEO of InfoTech and Cyber Security Expert, for how encryption works and how to keep your personal data private and secure, using mobile encryption apps that encrypt your chats, messages.

WMC Action News 5 quotes Matti Kon explaining how encryption works and how to keep your personal data secure and private using mobile encryption apps that encrypt your chats, messages and emails.

Ransomware Hack


Al Jazeera America Interviews Matti Kon for Ransomware Hack at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Channel 7’s Eyewitness News interviews Matti Kon on cyber security and privacy protection issues over Apple’s fight against the US Government’s order to help FBI unlock San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

WLTZ’s Dee Armstrong Show interviews Matti Kon, CEO of InfoTech and Cyber Security Expert, about the recent Ashely Madison security breach.

Julian Phillips from Arise America interviews Matti Kon, CEO of InfoTech and cyber security expert, about hacker Chris Roberts’s claim he was able to access in-flight entertainment and flight systems from his seat.

Company Culture


Jim Blasingame from The Small Business Advocate Show interviews Matti Kon, CEO of InfoTech, regarding company culture in America.

Dimitris Papathomopoulos, InfoTech’s Technology & Cloud Systems Director as well as a DevOps Expert, was a panelist for Electric Cloud’s Continuous Discussions “DevOps and Lean In Legacy Environments.”

A Minot business will receive 4.3 million dollar technology upgrade. U.S. senator Byron Dorgan has secured the money for the Minot Technology Center of InfoTech to help create a new system that allows the Department of Defense personnel to access military databases from anywhere in the world.

With something as complicated and as big as United States Department of Defense, it’s hard to imagine that workers right here in Minot are doing important work for them. Near a year ago the New York based company InfoTech moved here, and so far it seems to be a success. Senator Byron Dorgan helps secure a 1.8 million dollar grant to get a New York based information technology company called InfoTech to Minot.

InfoTech + MSU


A new, high tech company that opened this year in Minot is trying to land local graduates to fill new positions. And InfoTech is working with Minot State University on an internship program to make that happen.

InfoTech + MSU


Centers of Excellence grant could have a significant impact on economic development in The Magic City. Minot State University in partnership with InfoTech Minot Technology Center at SRT communications in the Minot Area Development Corporation has submitted a Center of Excellence proposal to support the Great Plains Knowledge Data Center.

InfoTech + Minot


Technology is driving forth in today’s world, and North Dakota is one of these States that look into get behind the wheel. Today local politicians, economic developers, city and county leaders, and business professionals gathered at Minot State to discuss new economic opportunities.

NRS + InfoTech


A company based in New York City will soon rely more heavily on Minot. Neville, Rodie and Shaw Inc., also known as NRS, has announced to plan to locate a disaster recovery center at InfoTech Minot’s Technology Center.

InfoTech Solutions for Business at the Response Expo Presents Its Media Management System (MMS) in Response Magazine’s Richard Gant Show on IFS-TV

InfoTech + Minot


This morning members of community gathered on the third floor of Wells Fargo building to officially open InfoTech. The New York based technology company has been working with the Minot Area Development Corporation for the last several months to open an office in The Magic City.

InfoTech + Minot


A company called InfoTech will begin operations on Monday. The New York based company has been working with the Minot Area Development Corporation and Minot State University for over a year to bring its operations in town.

Minot’s MAGIC Fund is ready to support another business making a move to Minot. Last November we told you about InfoTech, a New York based information technology company. InfoTech has a contract with United States Military to create a state-of-art global information network for the NAVY and other department of Defense agencies.

Senator Byron Dorgan joins city leaders and the president of the company called InfoTech to announce the federal funding of almost 2 million dollars to create about 30 jobs at the Minot operation.


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