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On-site IT Systems Management

On-site IT systems management is the total administration of a client’s IT infrastructure,
including end user desktop support, as well as complete backend server room management
and support.

Cloud Services

Cloud services, or cloud computing, are services that are delivered over a network. Clients
can avoid upfront infrastructure costs by outsourcing their software and / or infrastructure
needs to a cloud provider.

Data center Hosting Services

Managed hosting relieves the daily pressures of IT infrastructure oversight so you can stay
focused on growing your business. InfoTech’s managed hosting delivers a breadth of services and levels of support that you just won’t find elsewhere.

Technology Relocation & IT Rollout Services

When an organization is moving operations to new or multiple locations or is expanding
existing locations, it will need technology systems relocation services. Similarly, IT rollout
services encompass the full set of technology services required to manage change in an
organization’s IT infrastructure.

On-site IT Management

On-site IT systems management is the total administration of a client’s IT infrastructure,
including end user desktop support, as well as complete backend server room management
and support.

IT Outsourcing, Hosting & Cloud Services

Services Offered The term IT Outsourcing is used to describe a number of different business support models; for some this includes outsourcing work overseas to foreign countries. Here at InfoTech, our IT Outsourcing services are provided locally. All of our employees are full-time, certified professionals, located right here in the U.S. With multiple locations and a mobile IT force, we are committed to providing our clients fast and accurate technical solutions. This book will show you how IT Outsourcing “done right” is a successful and viable concept. We allow our clients to concentrate on their core competencies while we concentrate on their technology. At InfoTech, we do not use the “one size fits all” IT methodology. Instead our IT Outsourcing services are custom tailored to fit each individual client’s requirements and needs. Whether you need a...

Social Media Systems

Social media refers to technologies used to create, share, and exchange content and ideas among people in virtual networks. It is driven and fortified by the massive trends of globalization and cloud computing, which started with the boom of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Starting from site architecture to infrastructure implementation, InfoTech develops full scale social media sites. We also develop tools that can be integrated into existing social media systems such as, automating social media campaigns, performance tracking, social data visualization and statistics, social sharing, API creation for social channels and much more. Building a social media site takes a vision. We work with companies to understand their vision, while providing our expertise, experience and know-how to bring their vision to reality. InfoTech uses the following technologies in social media development:
  • On-Demand Data Management using Cloud Computing Services, e.g.Amazon EC2,...

IT Outsourcing (On-Site, Hosting, Cloud)

Our IT Outsourcing practice offers complete end-to-end IT solutions for your business. From basic troubleshooting and helpdesk support to the most complex installations and support of IT infrastructures, such as multiplatform network management and support, and data center hosting and cloud services, we provide the solutions and the expertise.  We provide better, faster and cheaper IT services to our clients, so that they can focus on their core competencies. Our services that support your business include:
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • On-site IT Systems Management
  • Firewall Security & Protection
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Center Managed Hosting & Co-location Services
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup Service
  • Network Installation
  • System Integration
  • Technology Relocation & IT Rollout Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • And More …

Federal / DOD Systems

InfoTech’s Federal/DoD Systems practice offers a very unique and fresh approach to serving the Federal Government and the Department of Defense. This approach stems from our experience serving the commercial sector of investment banks, media companies and corporate America in general for many years. Our ability to bring to the Federal/DoD systems arena the dynamic nature and knowledge that the private sector offers provides our DoD and other Federal clients an advantage. Over the past several years, InfoTech has increasingly developed integration capabilities and security systems for the DoD. We have leveraged our systems development and deployment experience from the commercial world into the DoD environment. Conversely, we have been able to improve the security structure of our commercial clients' networks by implementing DoD processes, procedures and technologies. It is this unique symbiotic association of services, along...

Next-Gen Cloud-Based Applications

InfoTech can help you move your enterprise-class applications from a fixed physical environment to a virtualized, cost-effective and low latency cloud environment. Or can build your next generation, enterprise-grade system either totally on the Cloud, or on a hybrid Cloud utilizing resources in-premises and public cloud services.

Custom Application Development

Our custom application development practice delivers software solutions that are tailored to fit our clients’ unique needs. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in building sophisticated systems that can be delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service), and utilize cutting-edge technologies that encompass our client’s vision with our business and technical expertise. Our Custom Application Services Include:
  • System Development for the Enterprise
  • Next-Gen Cloud-Based Systems
  • Cross-Platform and Platform-Specific Mobile Apps
  • Social & Marketing Apps for Businesses
  • Web APIs for Businesses
  • Big Data Management
Utilizing our business analysts, experienced project managers, system architects, developers, and testers, our application development process follows industry standards and best practices throughout the entire lifecycle of all our projects.  Through the entire process of requirements gathering, system analysis & design, development and client support and maintenance InfoTech displays professionalism, business knowledge...

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